Community Outreach

In addition to providing grants to local charities and others in need, the Foundation has provided assistance and services to the Sun City Association and our residents.


Every April the Foundation hires a commercial shredder to allow residents to bring sensitive documents that need to be safely destroyed. In 2018 nearly 450 residents participated bringing over 6000 lbs of paper. There is no charge for this service but donations are encouraged to help in outreach to charities.


The Foundation partners with Oro Valley Police three times each year to allow residents to bring unwanted prescriptions and over the counter medications for safe disposal. Veterinarian medications are also accepted.


In 1997 Oro Valley created a 1% Public Art Program requiring any commercial building/renovating project set aside one percent of the budget for some form of art project on the property or within its building. Its purpose was to enhance the quality of life for Oro Valley residents. When the SCOV Fitness Center was renovated in 2013, the Foundation commissioned the statuary in front of the Fitness and Activity Center to meet this requirement.