The Sun City Vistoso Community Foundation is a tax deductible charitable organization which is completely independent from the Sun City Oro Valley Association, the governing body for the Sun City Oro Valley Homeowners Association.

The Foundation was established in 1998 by a group of Sun City Oro Valley residents who wished to fund worthwhile endeavors in Sun City Oro Valley and the surrounding area. It is funded completely by resident donations with a Fall fund drive, as well as individual contributions throughout the year. Since its inception the Foundation has monetarily helped many of the clubs as well as purchasing major items for the community. In the surrounding area, help has been given to schools, veterans’ groups, food banks and many other organizations.

Within Sun City Oro Valley, the Foundation sponsors the yearly Shred-It and bi-monthly Dispose-A-Med projects.

The Foundation is an integral part of the Sun City Oro Valley community, and our residents enjoy making SCOV a vibrant, caring & supportive place to live.